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Herculine's RR Scouts v1.1 for Fallout 3 with RR Companion Vault Description: This mod adds a total of 130 companions to Vault 1 and many other primary locations, as well as inventory items unique to each companion which, when equiped by the player, instantaneously recall that companion to the player's location. A full list of the companion names and their locations can be found in-game in the Vault 1 Overseer's office. Version history: v1.0 - initial release v1.1 - with the help of their creator, fixed the glowing eyes so they actually glow Installation Process: Extract all files to c:\program files\bethesda softworks\Fallout 3\data. Use Fallout Mod manager to arrange the Herculine's RR Scouts .esm file in the mod load order below RR Companion Vault .esm, Ling's Finer Things .esm and Ling's Coiffure .esm. (If you're upgrading from v1.0, the files can be overwritten without harming any saved games.) Requirements (other than Fallout 3, of course): [url=""] RR Companion Vault by NosRhyfelwr and ttomwv[/url] [url=""] Nos Cosmetic Resource by NosRhyfelwr[/url] [url=""] Ling's Finer Things by Legion and EARACHE42[/url] [url=""] Ling's Coiffure by EARACHE42[/url] [url=""] Type 3 female body replacer by dimon99[/url] The DLC add-on of course requires the following, as well as the above listed and the Herculine's RR Scouts .esm: DLC Point Lookout DLC Anchorage DLC The Pitt DLC Mothership Zeta and DLC Broken Steel Bugs and Glitches: None that I am aware of. Please let me know if you find something. Contact information: email: TES/FO3Nexus forum name: Herculine Special thanks to: NosRhyfelwr EARACHE42 dimon99 and of course to Bethesda Softworks! Other: Please take the time to comment on this mod; RR Scouts is only my second release for FO3. Please help me to continue to be a productive contributing member of the modding community by letting me know what you think of my work. Sincere Thanks, Herculine

Credits: Special thanks to: NosRhyfelwr EARACHE42 dimon99 and of course to Bethesda Softworks!

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