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Though it won't be ready for a full release until next year, Stardock is willing to have players smash up each other's fleets in the Star Control: Origins 'Super-Melee' beta next month.

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Around half a year after launch, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III gains its biggest post-release update today. To celebrate, it's even going cheap (and free for a time, too).

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Microsoft and 343 Studios are updating and enhancing the Halo Collection of all four main Halo games next year, and this could be the time when it at last comes to PC.

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The developer of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 took to Twitter to post a statement regarding the rumours on internal strife from bad ex-staff reviews on Glassdoor.

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No Man's Sky is a difficult beast to tame. There's a love-hate situation surrounding a game that excited the masses when it was first revealed as a space exploration game that eventually didn't live up to the hype. With updates on the horizon, it's time to start chronicling the changes.

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There's no shame in admitting your pile of 2017 gaming gems just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's a massive year for video games, and developers are clearly starting to weight up the competition. Over The Moon's The Fall Part 2: Unbound has been delayed to dodge the onslaught of the AAA holiday lineup.

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Pandemic's 2005 Battlefront II has been offline since the GameSpy shutdown in 2014, but now GOG will be offering new official multiplayer servers for the game through GOG Galaxy.

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New job postings over at Blizzard reveals two unannounced projects - a new first-person game that could be Overwatch 2, and an MMO RTS... for mobiles.

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For varying reasons, this weekend is set to be a pretty good one for fans of first-person shooters. Though we'd argue one isn't entirely like the other, that's only recently become true again. Call of Duty: WWII enters open beta while Lawbreakers is hosting a free weekend.

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Whether you skipped out on the first Star Wars Battlefront revival or not, you've probably heard there's another on the way. Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA and DICE's large-scale multiplayer shooter, enters Open Beta in just over a week, and here's how you can get firing those blasters.