Download FAR (Fix Automata Resolution)

As usual, NieR: Automata has a lot of settings that may not have been optimized for PC play, so this mod takes aim at addressing as many of them as possible. At it's core, it reworks how the game handles Resolution, God Rays and Bloom Effect settings in the game. By optimizing these settings, it makes the effects in NieR look better and reduces the amount of work your system has to do to utilize them. If utilizing the ReShade mod we posted, it's recommended that you install this first, then reinstall ReShade. That said, pirates beware! This mod has a built-in check that will lock you out of Nier: Automata if you pirated the game.

Credits: Kaldaien

File name Downloads Added
FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) 29 29 Mar 2017