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hong_quan_cand vs FantasyFan presents - Fierce War. Rise of Vietnam army This is the Ultimate version of our previous mod Fierce War This version fixes the debug and add a new units, plus many more changes in effects. CTW is now playable with Vietnam in South East Asia In the Next version (Gold version maybe ? :) ), CTW will be disabled, but many more units will be added. Link Facebook page: ----------------- How to Install ? ----- ------------ Extract the zip file, copy all folder in FWG folder and paste to Thrones and Patriots Folder. If you have any problem installing, email me ------------------ ---------------- What changes does this mod make ? --------------------------- ------- This mod replaces the Koreans with the Vietnamese, which have the power of the Village (I think I don't need to say more about this) - T-90 (Russian) - Su-35 - Kirov Cruiser - BMP-3 - Pantsir - Gaz Tiger - Typhoon - Tu-22M - Sukhoi T50 - Mig-29K - VPA Infantry (Vietnamese) - T-55M3 - Su-30MK2 - BM-21 - Black Hawk (USA) - Humvee - PLA Infantry (chinese) - Type-98 Tank - J-10 - J-20 - Armed Vehicles - M113 ..... so on Of course this is NOT the full list (just some examples) With the 2000 PopCap this and improved effect, you will find playing RON is quite a pleasure. Discover more when you play this mod --------------- Troubleshooting --------------- Tell me if there is any bug in this vesion Email : Credit by hong_quan_cand, Fantasyfan, phuong, nokkio81, llhhll, quangnhat2291, Uthum876, Valdemar, kiwang2031996, pipil....

Credits: hongquancand

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