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Panning for more Total War? There's a lot more on the way. Shaking up their usually timeline of Total War plans, Sega have now announced a whole-new series of games based around the established franchise.

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If you were hoping to get in on some free StarCraft later in the Summer, that's no longer an option. Blizzard have essentially put a paywall up in front of the upcoming StarCraft: Broodwar ladder and matchmaking features.

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We haven't heard all that much about Blizzard's plans to remaster the original StarCraft since the reveal earlier this year. Rather, fans have just been taking any mention of past Blizzard games as confirmation of them recieving the same treatment.

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Heading into South Korea early this year, Blizzard announced StarCraft Remastered - a spuced up, HD version of the original strategy classic that retains its aesthetic while making it more appealing for newer hardware.

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Chris Taylor used to have it all - in game developer terms, at least; a studio, three projects in the works and money coming through the door. 15 years later, it all vanished. What did he find the aftermath? Clay.

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What would you do if you came across the source code of one of gaming's most influential titles? If you think its some kind of collector's item - you're probably right; but you could get a pretty quick payout for returning it to its rightful place.

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Coming into the latest StarCraft II expansion - Legacy of the Void - we expected the Protoss to gain a lot of love. After all, with the base game focusing on the story from the Terran perspective with the first expansion - Heart of the Swarm - turning the camera to the Zerg, it was only natural for the third and final leg of Blizzard's RTS masterpiece to focus on the psionic beings.

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One of the bigger stories to break over the weekend came from the rumor mill proving true once more. Blizzard have entered the HD remaster game with a 4K overhaul to the original StarCraft.

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Fresh out of the rumor mills comes more talk of the original StarCraft - alongside Brood War - is to see a remaster unveiled in the coming months.

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The father of modern wargaming is back! Today, publishers Slitherine and developers Flash Back Games have announced that Panzer Corps 2 the long-awaited sequel to the critically-acclaimed Panzer Corps is now in development.