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Prison Architect Acquired By Paradox Interactive, Creators No Longer Involved

Management sim Prison Architect acquired by Paradox Interactive, and creator Introversion is moving on to other games. Furthermore, they plan to expand the Architect series.

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Feast Your Eyes on Food Featured in the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook

The officially-sanctioned Elder Scrolls cookbook won't be fueling this year's festivities, but it sure does look worth the wait.

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S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster Hitting Spring 2019

S.W.I.N.E HD Remaster pits peace-loving against warmongering pigs once more this Spring.

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Warcraft 3 Classic Has Been Pulled From Sale

You can no longer purchase one of the most important real-time strategy games ever made.

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Warren Spector Was Once Working on a Command and Conquer RPG With EA

We almost got an immersive sim set in the legendary Command and Conquer universe. Almost.

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EA Confirms a New PC Command & Conquer Release

It's official - we're getting a new mainline Command & Conquer game, and we couldn't be happier about it.

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"No Changes" to Total War: Rome II Female Generals Spawn Rate, says Creative Assembly

Despite the recent "controversy", Creative Assembly denies there have been any changes made to Total War Rome II female generals spawn rates.

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Megaquarium - Aqua-Management Tycoon From The Creators Of Big Pharma

Haven't you always wanted to run a public aquarium all of your own? Twice Circled, the developers of Big Pharma, got something special cooking, with the release coming soon.

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Found the Roman Empire in New Expansion for Total War: Rome II

The upcoming prequel campaign pack for Total War: Rome II, Rise of the Republic, promises to bring with it one of the most epic stories ever to happen in history.

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Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 Released

Yearning for a bit of a one-on-one with a cliff racer? Read on...