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Visit for the latest version. I will still be using the Nexus, but uploading here can be difficult. Shadowrun Unlimited is designed to be more than a simple campaign; it's the world of Shadowrun. -Replayable Runs with random elements, assigned randomly by fixers from their "pool" of runs. Fixers may offer many jobs, but only offer a few at a time. Shadowrunners don't always get to pick exactly what jobs they want to work. -Sandbox style gameplay. -Players gain Street Cred for completing runs, along with Karma and Nuyen rewards. Street Cred allows the player to access higher level fixers and merchants. -Completeing runs will cause the player to gain both Heat and Notoriety. Heat causes Lonestar to spawn with greater frequency, and Notoriety will cause them to attack on sight (once a certain threshold is reached). Heat can also be increased by setting off alarms during runs. -Players can rent a variety of safe houses. safe houses allow the player to rest and recover their health, as well as lower their Heat rating. More expensive safe houses provide access to cheap support items, more efficient healing, and eventually character buffs. (The top tier safe houses with the character buffs are not implemented yet). -Assault Rifles, SMG's and Shotguns are illegal. If the Lonestar stops you with one of these weapons they will attempt an arrest, violently. This can be avoided buy acquiring a forged Weapon Permit. -Players can buy DocWagon contracts, which allow them to respawn inside the same zone upon death. The better the contract, the more respawns that are allowed, and the cheaper the service charge. This is however optional for new characters that are having trouble making ends meet. -Characters with high Charisma are able to negotiate for a little something extra when they are offered a job. -Designed for new characters. Slower paced gameplay, with money "sinks". Don't expect to max out your character in one sitting, and getting started in Seattle isn't going to be easy. But once you get your feet wet, you'll be making steady money. -A Taxi System that can be used to travel between all the hub zones. -NPC runners are hired, and follow you throughout the world until the job is complete (or they are defeated). Players no longer hire runners on a per-map basis. Getting runners killed will increase their future hiring costs, but performing successful runs with them will level it back out. -A Commlink System that allows players to call their contacts, such as fixers, runners, and of course the taxi. Runners hired over the phone will arrive at the players location within a few seconds. *The Commlink is accessed by clicking on your character, outside of combat and in an outdoor zone. -There is a basic journal system built in. Whenever you activate your commlink, a brief message will appear, guiding you in the right direction. -A day and night cycle to help bring the world to life. Watch the sun rise and set as you sit idle. Transitioning zones speeds up the process. Some encounters will only happen during certain times of the day. -A dedicated (albeit small) matrix that deckers can access, and raid random systems for extra cash. *The matrix is continually expanding as a I release new content. -A branching story that will take players down different paths depending upon the choices they make. These choices will exclude other options, and create proper repercussions to decisions. And once this story runs it's course, I will begin building another. No need to import characters into a new UGC, you can just wake up in your safe house and kick off your next adventure. -Integrated Tracker's Street Samurai's Catalogue. *This UGC is not "finished". The current story is not complete, and the world is not completely "fleshed out". This is completely playable, but is under a constant state of development with on average, a large update every week (not including bug fixes). This game will probably never be "done" as I will always be expanding upon it, so don't be afraid to jump in now.

Credits: Ryan Wyllie

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