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Designer Manveer Heir, who worked on the Mass Effect series when multiplayer was forced into it, reacts to the closing of Visceral Games, Loot Crates, and says that EA "don't actually care about what the players want, they care about what the players will pay for".

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As your game grows and grows, you're going to run into issues. You weren't expecting millions of players so soon (if at all) so you're ill-equipped to combat whatever starts to go wrong. In the case of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it doesn't seem to matter all that much, but it's certainly having an effect.

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Landing onto Early Access on March 23, 2017, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is all about the shooting rather than fending off zombies or being clubbed in the back of the head and stripped naked. Being in Early Access and heavily shaped by player feedback, it's only natural to expect a few patches (and lengthy patch notes) along the way. Let's have them.

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With the PC release of Destiny 2 arriving tomorrow, console players are already complaining of a content drought. And while over 2 million users have straight-up stopped playing the game since launch, those that remain are still finding things buried around the planets.

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A day after closing Visceral Games because they were making a Linear, Story-Driven Star Wars Game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 shows off its Linear, Story-Driven Campaign.

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As Destiny 2 becomes available to pre-load on PC, the console version has been losing players rapidly in just the last month, with player counts dropping daily - and over 400,000 users stopped playing in the last two days.

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Based on classic 'The Enemy Within' Warhammer campaign from 1987, the new DLC expansion will contain two new levels and a new weapon for Sienna Fuegonassus.

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Microsoft and 343 Studios are updating and enhancing the Halo Collection of all four main Halo games next year, and this could be the time when it at last comes to PC.

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China is always a bit of a tricky subject when it comes to gaming. Though we usually hear of a highly regulated industry where counterfeit systems made locally are far easier to sell than their official counterparts, they typically have a clone ready for just about anything; with Blizzard even attempting to sue the developer of a certain Overwatch copycat.

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The publisher wants their new game to be more like Destiny and less like Uncharted, so they're closing the 20-year-old studio behind Dead Space and moving the Star Wars title out past 2019.