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The Best WW2 Strategy Games

What are The Best WW2 Strategy Games? Given its tremendous global impact, WW2 has been often represented in all of pop culture's mediums.

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Feast Your Eyes on Food Featured in the Official Elder Scrolls Cookbook

The officially-sanctioned Elder Scrolls cookbook won't be fueling this year's festivities, but it sure does look worth the wait.

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Creative Assembly Gives Definitive Editions To Three Classic Total War Titles

The Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War Definitive Editions include the base games and all released DLCs.

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Paradox 4X Strategy Games Getting New Engine, Allowing Better Mod Support

The new engine sounds like good news all around, and will bring lots of streamlining when it comes to actually developing 4X games for Paradox.

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Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury gets Release Date, and a Tribute Band

The title makes more sense when you know exactly what's up, really.

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Paradox Announce Release Date For Indian-Themed Europa Universalis IV Expansion

Titled 'Dharma', this expansion pack will - obviously - focus on the riches and intrigues of Indian politics, which are a bit of a rare feature in video games.

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Crusader Kings 3 May Be Entering Pre-Production Soon

Fredrik Wester, the sitting CEO of Paradox Interactive, has very conspicuously hinted at the eventual development of a successor to Crusader Kings 2.

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Morrowind Rebirth 4.7 Released

Yearning for a bit of a one-on-one with a cliff racer? Read on...

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Paradox Interactive Hosting Second Europa Universalis IV Grandest LAN Event In November

Paradox Interactive has teamed up with Dziobak LARP Studios to host the second Europa Universalis IV Grandest LAN Event, which will be taking place on 7th - 11th November at the Moszna Casle in Poland.

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The Best Turn Based Strategy Games On PC

While some might prefer the frantic pace of real-time strategy games where you hit macros like you're speed-typing, the slow, calm and calculated air of the turn-based strategy game call to those players who like to plan extensively and enjoy carefully crafted plots and tactics boiling over in slow-cooked tension. Mmmmmm.