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Paradox have announced that they will buy Harebrained Schemes, the developers of Shadowrun Returns and Battletech.

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Battletech is a triumphant return to the PC for the franchise, and in true PC game fashion, supports modding. Here are the best mods the community has cooked up for your battles on the Periphery.

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You’ve been stomping across the battlefield in your giant Mech. With a tactician's mind and a warrior's heart you vie for victory in the excellent, newly released Battletech. And while the game offers a solo campaign, skirmish mode, and multiplayer experience, your most challenging foe may just be its save game issues.

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All the info in one place on Battletech, the Mech Strategy game from Shadowrun developer Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive.

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A new video from Paradox and Harebrained Schemes explores the story of the upcoming "first turn-based tactical ‘Mech PC game in over 20 years".

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No matter the genre, the setting or the style, your sole criteria for the next game you want to play is that is has to be one of the best among the best? When you've got as burgeoning an industry as video games, even the top of the food chain will get a bit crowded - here are the absolute best games you can play on PC in 2018.

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Battletech now has a release date of April, according to Paradox Interactive. We called it "Firefly meets XCOM, with Mechs" and we're very excited indeed.

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Fredrik Wester has been CEO at Paradox Interactive for 9 years and is stepping down to focus on "better capitalizing on Paradox’s growth opportunities".

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Into the Breach is an RPG Strategy from Subset Games, a small Indie development team that previously worked on FTL: Faster Than Light.

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Overnight and without warning Activision has delisted all of their Transformers games from Steam, including the excellent titles War For Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron and Devastation. This also means that all of High Moon Studios' games are now unavailable.