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DICE have promised to address the 327th Clone Trooper appearance, as well as that of some other corps' that have already been implemented.

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If you're looking forward to the next content pack for Battlefront 2, we've got the exact release times for you to peruse.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2's least serious update arrives, pitting Imperial Stormtroopers against the Ewoks in a new limited-time mode that may yet become permanent.

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All the patch notes, changes, and updates seen in the latest Battlefront II Patch 2.0, which brings the new Bespin map and a huge amount of changes to the much-vilified progression system.

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We got all the details of the new update dropping soon.

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The Mouse house is keeping a close watch over all outgoing communication, and it hurts the game more than it helps.

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EA's latest and slightly controversial sci-fi multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting regular patches, and we're here to chronicle them.

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A rumour suggests that Disney are unhappy with EA's treatment of the Star Wars license and are in talks with Ubisoft and Activision about taking over.