Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Summary

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Criterion Games staff reduced to 16 members

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Burnout series developer Criterion Games, which developed last year's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, has been reduced to 16 staff, according to a tweet from creative director Alex Ward.

PC Need for Speed: Rivals "will look easily as good" as next-gen, unclear on features

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While the visual fidelity of Need for Speed: Rivals on PC will be keeping pace with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, confirms executive producer Marcus Nilsson, he didn't say if the feature-sets would match.

The next-gen versions come with 'AllDrive' which acts to seamlessly adapt players into crossing paths in Rivals' open world, but it doesn't feature on Xbox 360 and PS3 - so what about PC?

EA confirms Need for Speed: Rivals, cops and racers in open world

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It's official as EA now confirms the existence of Need for Speed: Rivals after a Frostbite developer tweeted about it a little earlier. The next instalment is being handled by Ghost Games. It's focusing on cops and racers.

We can choose to play as either with challenges and collectibles strewn through the world. In Rivals we rise in the ranks using all our pursuit and evade tricks. AllDrive has friends drop-in and out.

Frostbite technical artist at EA reveals Need for Speed: Rivals

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One of EA's staff on the Frostbite engine team has revealed a little early the existence of Need for Speed: Rivals, which is said to be in the works for current and next-gen consoles over at Ghost Games.

More details on Rivals are expected to spill out soon, with it possibly being a kind of sequel to PSP's Need for Speed: Underground Rivals. Number plates suggest it's out November.

McLaren tease Next Xbox event, Need for Speed tease shot of McLaren

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Dun-dun-duuuun. Car manufacturer McLaren seems to have something to do with the likes of Microsoft's Next Xbox event later today - so it could be Forza Motorsport or Project Gotham related right?

Well, Need for Speed's Facebook also posted a picture of a McLaren to "brighten up" our day, and given that EA and Microsoft are said to be very cosy over the next Xbox for exclusives...

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