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The grand strategy game the universe has been waiting for.

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Hearts of Iron IV Sells Half a Million Copies

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Who said that grand strategy is dead? Certainly not Paradox Interactive, as its latest sales figures for Hearts of Iron IV show that the game sold over half a million copies since it's release in June 2016. This announcement follows record sales for Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II.

Venture Into The Shroud By Travelling Down The Re-Worked Psionics Path In Stellaris: Utopia

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Following the recent announcement of Stellaris: Utopia, the team deemed it necessary to outline how Psionics would be changing with its launch.

Stellaris: Utopia Marks The Strategy Title's First Big Expansion

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Paradox Interactive has suddenly introduced the first major expansion for their award-winning strategy title Stellaris: Utopia, but we likely won't hear much more of it until at least GDC.

Paradox Is Planning A New Reveal For This Year's GDC - Promises Stellaris And Europa Universalis News

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Paradox Interactive are usually pretty open with their customers. Essentially hosting their stockholder meetings on Twitch to act as impromptu questions and answers sessions multiple times a year, they certainly wouldn't sit out something as open as the Game Developers Conference.

Stellaris Cheat Codes - Console Commands

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Want to get that instant gratification in Stellaris? Here's how to cheat your way to the top with console commands.

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