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The grand strategy game the universe has been waiting for.

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Stellaris Cheat Codes - Console Commands

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Want to get that instant gratification in Stellaris? Here's how to cheat your way to the top with console commands.

Stellaris Update 1.3.1 Halts Premature AI Torpedoes In Their Tracks

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If you're completely unaware of the details and features of Paradox's Stellaris title, news of this hotfix might either completely elude you or just simply not be of interest. But for those well in the know, any sort of 'fix' to a game of this kind is, more often than not, a very good thing indeed. 1.3.1 has landed, and Zoft of the official forums even hid the notes behind a spoiler tag. So there's a warning.

Paradox Interactive Halloween Sale - All Treat and no Tricks!

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Paradox Interactive's Halloween sale has begun on their store and there are some bargains to be had.

Stellaris Leviathans Gets New Spotlight Video

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Paradox Interactive today released a new feature spotlight video outlining some of the upcoming features that players can expect with the release of Leviathans on the 20th October. Leviathans is set to be a major content addition to the sci-fi 4x strategy with the addition of multiple features.

Giant Monsters Come to Stellaris In Leviathans DLC

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Paradox Interactive today announced the release date and retail price for Leviathans, the upcoming Story Pack for their critically acclaimed strategy game Stellaris. Coming October 20th for PC at a price tag of $9.99 the DLC story pack is set to include a host of new content.

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