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Overwatch features a wide array of unique heroes; no two heroes are the same.

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Blizzard bans World of Warcraft players for six-months after using third-party tools

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According to a group of angry World of Warcraft cheaters players, Blizzard has swung the ban hammer and put suspensions on a number of accounts for using third-party tools. These banned World of Warcraft players will have their accounts locked for six months, until April 2018.

The third-party tools responsible for the bans contain programs that allow players to instantly teleport around the map, along with automated bots that can be used for farming, or scripts that help with combat rotations.

One Minor Update Just Changed Overwatch In A Big Way

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October 10 may have been hyped by the Overwatch community as the return of the Halloween Terror event, but routine maintenance ushered in changes from the test servers that will radically change just about every Overwatch match going forward.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Kicks Off Today And Could Contain The Best Skin Yet

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Officially rehashing last year's events, Overwatch is about to indulge in some Halloween festivities for the next few weeks. We don't know a whole lot about what it'll bring, but the usual skin leaks seem to check out.

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