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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth - All Mount Locations and Guide

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth mounts are just like any other mounts in the game – a bit of a fashion icon. World of Warcraft isn’t exactly known for its gear sets and character models outside of a few big weapons like a few other MMORPGs, but players can flaunt their cash and determination to the game with a shiny new (and expensive) mount. Battle for Azeroth adds a bunch more to the already massive collection, and here’s how you can grab each and every one of them.

Open Beta System Requirements Announced For Black Ops 4

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Activision have announced just how beefy your PC is going to have to be to run their open beta test for the upcoming Call of Duty title. There's info on how to get playing here, as well!

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event - New Brawls And Cosmetics, Plus Free Weekend

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Blizzard has announced that the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Event will start on the 22nd May and will feature Past brawls and cosmetics.

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