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Possible leaked in-game images of Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation

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Some actual in-game shots of the alleged Alien: Isolation from Total War developer Creative Assembly may have surfaced. A series of tweets link to pictures suitably sci-fi and fertile for xenomorph shenanigans.

None of the images carry any description but one of them clearly shows a motion detector, known for its noisy squealing on alien movement around ducts and corridors.

Creative Assembly's Alien project exposed by leaked artwork

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It seems the official title for Creative Assembly's Alien IP game is 'Alien Isolation' as leaked artwork bursts on the Internet ahead of an official announcement. An image shows a young woman in a space suit.

This is believed to be lead character Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley. Alien Isolation is reportedly a first-person stealth horror with a melee focus aboard a station stalked by a lone Xenomorph.

Creative Assembly: "We don't need to be a strategy-only studio"

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Studio Director Tim Heaton has said that Creative Assembly - famous for its Total War PC strategy series, doesn't need to be defined by the franchise.

"There are two very separate personalities within the studio," he said in an interview, when asked whether or not their new Alien-based game would be a strategy title or not.

The Next Step - Creative Assembly and the Console

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We've brought you an interview extravoganza with Creative Assembly and SEGA...