Alpha Protocol Features

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Preview: Joe takes a look at Sega's Alpha Protocol, a moddern ‘espionage’ RPG that is shaping up to be a candidate for Game of the year..

SEGA was out in full force at this year’s GC, showing off a host of new titles. Most of them seemed pretty solid, with old IP’s like Total War and Sonic releasing some solid new instalments. But there were also a few new IP’s on show, and surprisingly, these may also turn out to be surprise hits. One of these new titles is Alpha Protocol. A...

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Preview: E3 2009 Preview.

Alpha Protocol is one of those games nobody really knows anything about except for slight rumors here and there. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in. Alpha Protocol is what I’d call a customizable narrative stealth RPG. It has all the RPG elements you’d expect from a western developer, a similar dialog system to Mass Effect’s where there are choices on what to say, and that it’s also a stealth...