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An excellent, engrossing industrial city builder.

Latest Updates

Anno 1800 Patch Notes Update - First Patch Released

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Anno 1800 is scheduled to receive its first patch tomorrow, addressing a number of crashes and making diplomacy less costly in the late game.

Anno 1800 Royal Taxes - How to Manage Royal Taxes?

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Anno 1800 has a somewhat hidden mechanic to encourage expansion. Here's what we know about Anno 1800 Royal Taxes and how they can be managed.

Anno 1800 Blackbeard Quest - How to Complete the Quest

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Anno 1800 throws many quests your way, tasking you with different objectives. Here's how to complete the Anno 1800 Blackbeard Quest.

Anno 1800 Launch Failed - How to Fix Anno 1800 on the Epic Store

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If you're having trouble with launching Anno 1800 on the Epic Games Store, worry not - we've got a reliable fix for you to try out.

Anno 1800 How To Settle New Island Guide

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Given how each island comes with specific resources, expansion becomes necessary. Here's how to settle new islands in Anno 1800.

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