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Get an Exclusive Apex Legends Skin and Five Apex Packs for Free!

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How about a nice boost to your repertoire of Apex cosmetics? Here's how to claim them.

Apex Legends Gliding Guide - How to Glide as Far as Possible?

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As with many other things in Apex, there's a particular knack to gliding that you can exploit in order to get as far as humanly possible with your squad. Here's how to do so!

Apex Legends Rewards - What Level Up Rewards Are There?

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Here's what you can expect in terms of level up rewards in Apex Legends.

Twitch Streamer Caught Using Apex Legends Aimbot Hasn't Been Banned

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And Apex Legends doesn't even have the Auto Pistol yet. The nerve!

Apex Legends Code 100 Error - Unable to Complete EA Account Sign in Error

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Facing the dreaded error code 100 while attempting to play Apex Legends? Here, we try to demystify the issue.

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