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Imagine a bag filled with potential, except this bag has a rat shaped hole at the bottom…

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Battleborn's Final Update Saw The Double-Digit Playerbase Shrink By Another 20%

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What started as a joke soon became a sudden realization. Battleborn was dead in the water. Releasing alongside Overwatch, Gearbox Software's arena shooter/moba hybrid couldn't fend of Blizzard's FPS entrance despite years of putting out big-name shooters like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms.

Gearbox Will Demonstrate A Lot Of Big Changes For Battleborn Tomorrow

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Remaining adamant on their plans to keep Battleborn a pay-to-play FPS experience, Gearbox isn't slowing down with their dreams. There's big changes coming real soon.

Randy Pitchford Is Teasing Gearbox-Style News For December 1

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There's always a lot going on at Gearbox Softworks. Whether its media drama, praise or speculation, the spotlight is seemingly never off Randy Pitchford and his team. So with him dropping a little hint of things to come, the media is rightfully on his case with the healthy dose of speculation.

Battleborn Players Try To Help Save The Game

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Players of Battleborns subreddit have banded together to create Battleborn Day for tomorrow, November 12th in an effort to save the game, Gearbox has joined in to support the playerbase.

Battleborn Recieves A Host Of New Paid And Free DLC

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Gearbox and 2K Games have released Battleborns first DLC story operation, a new Competitive Multiplayer Mode, special Halloween Spooky Skins and a host of balance changes. The new story operation will place players with Attikus as he relives the third Thrall uprising that sparked a revolution within the Jennerit Empire.

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