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Borderlands 3 Loot Cave - Where is the guaranteed Loot Tink Legendary farm?

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There's currently a Borderlands 3 loot cave where you can farm Legendary items off of a guaranteed Loot Tink. Here's where to find them for an easy bit of loot farming!

Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece Secret Room - How to get inside the Holy Broadcast Center secret area

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After defeating the Mouthpiece boss in the Holy Broadcast Center, you may have noticed a side room by an organ. We'll show you how to get inside the Borderlands 3 Mouthpiece secret room.

Borderlands 3 Wildlife Conservation - All dynamite locations

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The Borderlands 3 Wildlife Conservation mission is an unassuming side quest in the game, but is it bugged? Here's how to get all the dynamite you need to complete it.

Borderlands 3 Intro Movies - How to skip all logo intros on PC

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Are you getting really annoyed at the Borderlands 3 Intro movies being unskippable? We'll show you how to skip the intros with a handy and easy to install mod.

Borderlands 3 had almost 250k players at launch, according to Randy Pitchford

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Borderlands 3 apparently had almost 250,000 people playing it concurrently at launch, according to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

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