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Spiders announce new post-apocalyptic RPG The Technomancer, due out in 2016

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Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame developer Spiders has released some new screens for their upcoming return to the Red Planet with The Technomancer, which boasts a rich sci-fi dystopia with "unique and interesting" companions.

We'll also be able to kit them out, as well as craft new items altering their appearance. There are five different endings we can achieve depending on our choices throughout the RPG.

Incoming fantasy RPG Bound by Flame gets launch trailer

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Spiders' fantasy RPG Bound by Flame is coming this week, and to celebrate the developers have released a new launch trailer. Expect world-class beards, lots of skeletons and a fistfight with a witch.

New screenshots show off Bound by Flame companions

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Bound by Flame, the new RPG developed by Spiders (the company, not the creatures), is coming May 9, and the studio has just released five new screenshots showing some of the companions you'll be adventuring with.

Bound by Flame video highlights fantasy title's musical score

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Spiders, the development studio behind upcoming action RPG Bound by Flame, have released a new video that sheds light on the creation of the game's musical score.

Combat trailer for RPG Bound by Flame with dev commentary

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Mars: War Logs developer Spiders Games will be releasing their new fantasy RPG Bound by Flame early next month, which has an extensive crafting system as they've already teased with trailers.

Now the studio tease the RPG's combat with detailed commentary on its mechanics, from the different skill trees to companions we choose to fight alongside.

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