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Call of Duty: Elite Summary

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Call of Duty: Elite for Black Ops 2 will be free, Season Pass separate

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Activision has made the brilliant move of separating Call of Duty: Elite from the premium service Season Pass style of subscription, making all of the Elite services completely free of charge. In addition, the publisher has added new features including player and clan headquarters, Call of Duty: Elite TV and Zombies leaderboards.

Activision release teaser for Call of Duty: Elite's Noobtube channel

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Web-show Noobtube will be the home to all the embarrassing moments in Call of Duty, confirms a teaser trailer for the Call of Duty: Elite TV show. Stupidity earns noobs infamy.

Clan mates can send in clips of total noob moments for the world of Call of Duty fans to see in this web-show. Now would be a good time to practice your throwing arm, grenade spammers.

EA may bring Battlefield Premium-style services to other games

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Electronic Arts exec Frank Gibeau thanks Activision for debuting Call of Duty: Elite, states Battlefield 3's Premium service is better, and that similar services may debut on other EA licenses.

E3 2012: No Call of Duty XP convention this year

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Last year, Activision held its first Call of Duty convention, Call of Duty: XP, which showed off both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the new Call of Duty: Elite service.

This year there will not be a convention, despite the success of last year's event.

Report: Call of Duty: Elite has 2M paying subscribers

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Activision's semi-controversial subscription-based Call of Duty portal service, Call of Duty: Elite, has 10 million registered users. Two million of them are paying subscribers. Reports show that from the service's launch til the 31st March, the Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed 40 million monthly active users who have played a total of 1.6 billion hours of online gameplay in Modern Warfare 3 alone.

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