Darksiders III Summary

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Darksiders 3 Patch Notes - Update 2 Adds Classic Combat Mode

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The second update for Darksiders 3 introduces a major (optional) change of pace when it comes to combat; one that fans of the previous Darksiders games will be most fond of.

Darksiders III Will Get at least Two DLCs

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Said DLC is going to include new playable areas, challenges, puzzles, and more as post-game content.

Darksiders III: Flame Hollow Gameplay, Release Date Announced

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Watch the latest gameplay trailer for THQ Nordic's upcoming release: Darksiders III.

THQ Nordic Unveil the Darksiders Legion

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Take a gander at the latest community programme headed by THQ Nordic.

Darksiders III System Requirements Have Been Revealed Through Its New Steam Page

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There's no hiding a leak of yesterday's grand scale. There comes a point where it's just easier to admit defeat than try and hide what is painfully obvious. In the case of THQNordic, Darksiders III is official - and there's preliminary system requirements to prove it.