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Hail hail Deponia, a land we didn’t make up!

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Bundle Stars announces Daedalic Mega Bundle

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Bundle Stars is beginning to rival Humble Bundle with its sweet bargains for PC packages at super-low prices. The difference between the two is that while Humble Bundle is time restricted, Bundle Stars has limited quantities; there's a set number of bundles that can be sold, and if you're too slow, you're out of luck.

Daedalic gets a special holiday sale via Golden Joystick Store

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Developer Daedalic is nothing if not a busy developer and publisher that has put out a prolific amount of games since the company's founding in 2007. Now you can dig into their back catalogue of games and get yourself some quality content on the cheap during a holiday sale being hosted by Golden Joystick Store.

The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle offering 90% off on Steam

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Someone over at Daedalic Entertainment has barricaded themselves in a room with the company's Steam account and set off Armageddon. Thankfully they lack the actual capabilities to end the world, and instead went discount mad.

'The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle' is available for just over 24 hours and offers the Deponia trilogy, the Edna-Series, both Dark Eye Adventures and more, for just £12.99.

Bundle Stars launches All-Star Bundle containing eight highly rated Steam titles for $1.99

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Digital download compilation specialist Bundle Stars has just announced the All Stars Bundle, a nifty collection of eight highly ranked Steam games.

Including such notable luminaries as Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition, Magicka and System Shock 2, the only thing that makes the bundle more enticing is the price; the whole lot can be yours for just $1.99 (£1.59) for the next 24 hours.

Daedalic chosen in Humble Weekly Sale, includes eight games for $6 or more

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Daedalic Entertainment has teamed up with Humble Bundle for this week's Humble Weekly Sale with eight of their catalogue available to all if you give $6 or more to Child's Play and the American Red Cross.

On offer: Edna & Harvey, A New Beginning, The Whispered World, The Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, Deponia, Journey of a Roach and The Dark Eye.

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