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Dragon Age 4: Everything We Want To See

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Dragon Age 4 has been announced, except we know very little about it. We have played all the Dragon Age games, as well as other BioWare titles, so here's what we want to see from the game.

Alien, Metal Gear, Superman - Game Awards 2018 Reveals We Expect To See

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The Game Awards 2018 is next week, so here are all the Game Awards announcements of new games we expect to see! Including Alien Blackout, a new Call of Juarez, Metal Gear remakes, Dragon Age 4, and maybe even the Rocksteady Superman game!

Dragon Age 4 May Be Revealed Tomorrow, But it's 3 Years Away

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There will definitely be a big Dragon Age announcement in December, likely a Dragon Age 4 reveal at the Game Awards, but the game's release date is apparently 3 years away at least.

Dragon Age creator David Gaider leaves Beamdog

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The lead writer on Bioware's Dragon Age series joined Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition developer Beamdog in 2016 as creative director, but today has announced he has left the company.

Dragon Age 4 Rebooted to implement "Live Elements", Bioware Responds about Release Date and Story

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Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson has said on Twitter that Dragon Age 4 will be "story and character focused", and suggests that when they say "live" they mean "designing a game for continued storytelling after the main story". This could certainly mean Online Elements, but we won't know more until Bioware fully announces more details about the Dragon Age 4 reboot.

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