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Dragon Age creator David Gaider leaves Beamdog

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The lead writer on Bioware's Dragon Age series joined Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition developer Beamdog in 2016 as creative director, but today has announced he has left the company.

Dragon Age 4 Rebooted to implement "Live Elements", Bioware Responds about Release Date and Story

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Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson has said on Twitter that Dragon Age 4 will be "story and character focused", and suggests that when they say "live" they mean "designing a game for continued storytelling after the main story". This could certainly mean Online Elements, but we won't know more until Bioware fully announces more details about the Dragon Age 4 reboot.

Bioware has plans for the next two Dragon Age games, but not the ending

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Director Mike Laidlaw says that, unlike Mass Effect, Dragon Age was not written with an ending in mind.

Alexis Kennedy Is Working On A "Well-segregated" Piece Of Lore For Bioware's New Dragon Age Project

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While we're never all too sure what each Bioware studio might be working on in secret, there's one project that hasn't really kept itself under wraps all that well - Dragon Age.