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Kickstarter for Ever, Jane MMO succeeds, gossip in Regency Period England

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An MMO all about gossiping? Ever, Jane has achieved its $100,000 goal and is now on its way to spread societal mischief in Regency Period England. There's no killing, only spinning tall tales at dinner parties.

Gossip is the weapon of choice and it is how rivals are vanquished. A prototype of this Ever, Jane is available with a 3D village full of bowing, curtsying and backstabbing.

Ever, Jane brings the gossip of Jane Austen novels to MMORPGs

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If you're a gamer who has read the novels of Jane Austen and wish they could play an MMO in that world, you're in luck - Ever, Jane is an MMO where players enter that universe, with gossip instead of combat and personality traits instead of stats.