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EverQuest II Summary

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Daybreak Games reveals Halloween festivities for Everquest, DC Universe Online and others

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Daybreak Games, formerly Sony Online Entertainment before Sony sold it to Columbus Nova, has announced the Halloween festivities planned for its various online games.

Everquest 2 troublemakers to be sent to prison forever

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Daybreak Game Company has come up with an innovative punishment for troublesome players in its venerable MMORPG Everquest 2 – they'll go straight to prison.

Or, more accurately, a prison server called Drunder. Anyone who is found to be repeatedly breaking the rules, or otherwise being disruptive to other players' fun, will be teleported there without trial.

EverQuest II running 'Hero's Call' promotion, free level 85 Heroic characters

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Sony Online Entertainment is introducing level 85 Heroic characters for those who want to jump into the high level content in EverQuest II. Logging in between now and October 15th gets you one free Heroic.

SOE also explain how to get hold of a Heroic level 85 char outside this Hero's Call promo, which includes a 'Try Before You Buy' trial. Free and Silver accounts no longer restricted on items.

Brad McQuaid returns to EverQuest after 12 years

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A founding designer for EverQuest has returned to the series having have left it 12 years ago. Brad McQuaid worked at Verant Interactive before Sony Online Entertainment snapped the studio up.

He left in 2001 to form Sigil Games, which was later bought by SOE in 2007. McQuaid has decided to return to the series he helped create, finding it "still very much the EQ I was involved with."

Everquest II gets its 9th expansion, Chains of Eternity

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced in the official forums that the 9th expansion in EverQuest II's history will be arriving this November, called Chains of Eternity, which takes place in the afterlife, the Ethermere.

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