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Fallout 4 Latest News

Dragonborn, Corvo and Vault Dweller are being considered for Quake Champions

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Tim Willits of id Software wants to see other Bethesda characters become champions in Quake Champions. But when are we getting Commander Keen?!

Fallout 4 VR - What We Want To See

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We can imagine the basics, but let's imagine the unconventional, wacky and otherwise insane. It's Fallout 4 in VR. It's full of promise!

UPDATE - The Wastelands Of Fallout 4 Just Got A New Lick Of Paint With A High Resolution Texture Pack

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We can't vouch for Bethesda games being as picturesque as they seem to think they are, but they're still trying to make Fallout 4 look a little less miserable.

Fallout 4 VR's Pip-Boy Functions Just As You'd Expect, Explains Todd Howard

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Likely coming at least a year after its initial reveal, for those who couldn't attend the E3 Press show for some hands-on time within Fallout 4 VR, rest assured you will get your chance.

Fallout 4 And The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Still Attracts Millions Of Daily Active Players

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Seemingly dishing out interviews left, right and center over the last few days, Todd Howard went on record to say that Bethesda's most recent titles are still bringing in big numbers.

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