Fallout 76 Latest News

Fallout 76 Full Map Revealed

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It's pretty darn big.

Fallout 76 Mod Support Not Coming Until Late 2019

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The answer to the question of Fallout 76 modding is somehow both uplifting and disappointing at the same time.

Don't Expect To Hear More About Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield For A Long Time

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In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Pete Hines has laid some of the information about Bethesda's upcoming titles bare.

Here's When You Can Play the Fallout 76 Beta

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If you want to play Fallout 76 before its official release, read up on what we've got here.

Fallout 76's Perks Will Come in Card Packs

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Said 'card packs' will be introduced according to real-world events and calendar. Which is... novel. Will it work in practice, though?

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