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Final Exam Review

Could try harder.

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Final Exam available today on PC, this Friday for PSN, XBLA

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Focus Home Interactive has announced that the 2.5 side-scrolling shooter Final Exam is now available for PC on digital distribution, and landing on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network on Friday, 8th November.

Mighty Rocket announces that Obscure is now called Final Exam

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Developer Mighty Rocket has announced that they have changed the name of their sidescrolling shooter Obscure to Final Exam, chiefly because it's not a real sequel to the Obscure series.

Focus Home Interactive Round-Up

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They've got everything from farmers to generals...

Obscure dev says you "find more innovation on XBLA/PSN" than from "in a box"

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Uncharted, Dead Space, Resident Evil - those are all big boy IPs, and they are all "obliged" to have big success. That's a problem for innovation, explains Francois Potentier from Obscure's Mighty Rocket Studio.

Being a small and nimble studio without huge demands placed upon them by fans, they can create things that are wackier and a lot more experimental. Success carries a high creative price.

Focus Home Interactive reveals Obscure, an action 2.5D side-scroller for PC, PSN and XBLA

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Focus Home Interactive has revealed Obscure, an action 2.5D side-scroller that's in development for the PC, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.

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