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Does Ubisoft's new medieval fighting game do enough to impress?

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For Honor Patch Notes - Patch 1.18 January 2018

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Three stories broke about Ubisoft's release of For Honor back on launch week: all of them about balance issues and bug patches. Closing off the first week of release, another update has begun making rounds in an attempt to fix some of the issues still affecting the game.

Ubisoft Attempts To Relight The Fire With A 'For Honor' Free Weekend

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We all likely saw this coming from a mile away, but Ubisoft have finally confirmed our suspicions - For Honor is holding a free trial weekend in just a few days.

The Long-Reach Highlander And Brutal Gladiator Outline Season 3 Of 'For Honor' This Month

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All the talk of revised combat mechanics and more balanced gameplay coming to For Honor new have a real release date, it seems. The switch-up will land August 15 - the same day as the two newly revealed champions.

Ubisoft Still Committed To Fixing For Honor - Outlines Two New Seasons And Dedicated Server Plans

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With so much hype behind it, For Honor was just another Ubisoft project that couldn't hold up to its promise. Server issues plagued the game from the start, and its twitch-heavy combat system was just too much for a predominately PvP experience.

Major Shake-ups Are Coming To For Honor's 'Wait and See' Combat Meta

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Every big multiplayer game eventually sets into a 'meta' - a formula every player follows in each game if they're to have any hope of things go well. In Ubisoft's struggling historical fighter For Honor, this current idea is to be patient. Be patient and wait for your opponent to make the first move. Then counter it and beat them down.

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