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Does Ubisoft's new medieval fighting game do enough to impress?

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Watch all New For Honor Executions in Season 10 and 11

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For Honor is getting some incredible new finishing moves with the upcoming Season 10 and 11 content. Watch them here.

For Honor Server Status - Maintenance Expected Today

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Why are the For Honor servers down for Maintenance? The servers are currently down, so what is the For Honor Server Status?

For Honor Live Update Error - 2-00003802 Message Explained

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Faced with an annoying For Honor Live Update Error? Here's our explanation of what's going on with the game's servers and why!

For Honor Female Characters - Which Characters Can Be Female?

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For Honor has a fairly large number of characters you can pick from, each with their own role to play, but which characters can be female?

For Honor Hitokiri Update Released - Update 2.08 Patch Notes

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Ubisoft's third-person hack 'n' slash beat-em-up hybrid has just received its latest update, packed to the brim with fixes and tweaks, but also the new hero class: Hitokiri.

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