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Does Ubisoft's new medieval fighting game do enough to impress?

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For Honor Patch Notes - Update v1.08.02

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Three stories broke about Ubisoft's release of For Honor back on launch week: all of them about balance issues and bug patches. Closing off the first week of release, another update has begun making rounds in an attempt to fix some of the issues still affecting the game.

For Honor Is Struggling With Just Over 2,000 Average Users Months After Launch

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Is Ubisoft set to retread the past? If For Honor player numbers are anything to go by, then yes. Yes they are. They've stooped even lower.

For Honor NAT Type Unknown - How To Fix An Issue Plaguing The Game Since Patch 1.06

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Having trouble fighting off the Vikings or the Samurai as of late? It's just another day in Ubisoft's 'For Honor'; but for those having some concerning trouble with NAT Types changing since the last update - you're not alone. The fix should be as simple as waiting around. You'll get Champion Status for it, too.

For Honor's Peacekeeper Is Banned From MLG Tournaments

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Despite its reported server issues, For Honor seems to be doing well enough to warrant a spot on the MLG pro circuit. But one class won't be welcome at the long-standing esport league.

Ubisoft Has Banned 400 Players For Hacking In 'For Honor' - Outlines System For Punishing AFK Farmers

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Where there are games, there are hackers. It's a tried and true understanding that we'll never be without those who, for whatever reason, love to buy a game to not actually play it. And in the case of Ubisoft with For Honor, they're looking to take a stand before things get much worse.

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