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FortressCraft Evolved Summary

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FortressCraft Evolved launches on Steam on November 9

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FortressCraft can be viewed as a Little Game That Could, starting life as an $3 Minecraft clone on the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace, which kept selling and selling. Finally, it made the leap to PC in 2013 when it entered Steam Early Access.

Two years later, the game is finally launching as FortressCraft Evolved, and it certainly has evolved, going from a pleasant little Mineclone to a tower-defense/roleplaying/strategy/building game hybrid where players crash land on an alien planet and must fend themselves off from periodic alien attacks as they set up an advanced mining operation.

Indie game FortressCraft Evolved hits Steam Early Access

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Digital Tribe has announced that the Xbox Live Indie Game smash hit FortressCraft is now on Steam Early Access, with an official release date coming in March 2014. The PC version is dubbed FortressCraft Evolved. The Minecraft-style game will cost just $5.99 USD, which is 60% off the proposed full launch price.

FortressCraft update 9 adds zombies

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ProjectorGames has announced that the 9th update to their runaway hit Xbox Live Indie Games title FortressCraft is now available, and adds zombies, as well as defensive weaponry to keep the zombie horde away, including sawblades and turrets.

Xbox Live Indie title FortressCraft passes 750K sales

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FortressCraft has become by far the most popular Xbox Live Indie Marketplace game with over 750K sales, according to developer Adam Sawkins. The game, which costs a mere 240 Microsoft Points, has been controversial in its similarity to Mojang's world-building game Minecraft.

Dashboard update gives Indie Marketplace more visibility

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Microsoft has listened to complaints by indie developers who were upset by the Indie Marketplace being shoved behind the "Game Type" button in the November update. Now, the service is now visible on the "top level" of the Marketplace section right next to tabs for Xbox Live Arcade and Games on Demand.

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