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Strategic sports game Frozen Cortex gets wealth of new single-player content

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Frozen Cortex, developer Mode 7's follow-up to cult indie strategy game Frozen Synapse, has just been upgraded with a new single-player story campaign.

The latest update also adds a bunch of other solo modes, including a rogue-like permadeath mode, and a basic league season of the game's American Football-esque robot strategy sport.

Mode 7 renames Frozen Endzone to Frozen Cortex, deploys new update

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Mode 7 Games has announced a change of title for its upcoming turn-based strategy game Frozen Endzone - it's now called Frozen Cortex, which sounds much less like a horrible lower-body affliction.

The developers have also released a new update which adds OSX and Linux compatibility, upgraded animations and better AI.

Mode 7 launches Frozen Endzone on Steam Early Access

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Simultaneous-turn-based tactical creation Frozen Endgame from developer Mode 7 is now imminently due on Steam Early Access, having entered beta in December 2013. This is its first major update.

Additions include player stats, a new game mode entering beta, a team editor, revamped AI, an alpha of the pitch editor and custom game mode creator, and more.

Speedball 2 HD now available on Steam

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Publisher Mastertronic has announced that the remastered update to the classic futuresport game Speedball 2 is now available on Steam for $9.99 USD.

Mode 7 announces Frozen Endzone for 2014

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Mode 7 Games has announced a sequel of sorts to their critically acclaimed tactical strategy game Frozen Synapse, a futuristic American football game Frozen Endzone. The game brings Synapse's tactical strategy to the gridiron, carried out by robotic players.