Greedfall Latest Updates

Greedfall announces Release Date for this September

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Spider's next core RPG experience is just around the corner: it's set to come out this September! Watch the announcement trailer here.

Greedfall Reveals Story In New E3 Trailer

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In Greedfall, a deadly plague is raging in what is described as the equivalent to 17th century Europe, and the only cure comes from a mysterious island whose defiant natives are immune. Focus Home Interactive has released an E3 story trailer for the game.

Not Being An Open-World Game, It's The Magic Animals That Will Encourage Exploration In Greedfall

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We're starting to expect more and more combat/adventure games to be set in a wide open world for us to explore these days. We've been spoiled by the genre. So when we're looking down a more linear path, developers need to give us a reason to venture off the beat track. For Spiders with Greedfall, that incentive is magical animals.