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Heroes of the Storm Latest News

Blizzard Will Begin Phasing Out Windows XP/Vista By The End Of The Year

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Just like how Square Enix wants people to move away from the limits of a 32-bit operating system, Blizzard wants to phase out relics of the past.

World of Warcraft Token Values Skyrocket As Blizzard Allows Them To Be Used As Currency In Their Other Games

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Whether your Warcraft days are behind you, the days of the WoW Token are not. That shiny coin Blizzard added as a way for rich characters to pay for subscriptions isn't going anywhere. In actuality, it just got a whole lot more versatile.

Valeera Sanguinar Is The Newest Assassin To Join Heroes Of The Storm - Enters Public Testing Today

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So you think you managed to test out everything Heroes of the Storm has to offer over last weekend's unlocked roster event? Wrong! There's a new hero landing on the public test server today.

Heroes Of The Storm Will Unlock All 60 Of Its Heroes This Weekend

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We always assume gamers have nothing to do on the weekends. It certainly isn't true, but we like to imagine most finish a game during their weekday evenings and spend the weekends looking for something new. It's a false idea, but sticking to it, Heroes of the Storm and a pretty interesting event planned.

Zul'jin Enters Heroes Of The Storm - January Update Alters 7 Other Characters

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It's a bumper month for Blizzard fans as they continue to push out the updates mentioned during November's Blizzcon event. With a major Diablo III patch out of the game, it's time for Heroes of the Storm to gain a villain with Zul'jin.

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