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Playable demo released for Kickstarter RPG InSomnia

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Dieselpunk RPG InSomnia returned to Kickstarter last month, and now the development team at Studio Mono has made a playable tech demo of their game available to download.

The developers are releasing the playable demo to celebrate hitting the halfway mark on their $70,000 campaign goal. They currently have seventeen days to reach the full amount.

Dieselpunk RPG InSomnia returns to Kickstarter

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Studio MONO’s dieselpunk RPG InSomnia has already done the rounds on Kickstarter once, failing to secure the necessary funding. Now it's back with a new crowd-funding campaign.

Set on a retro-futuristic space station called The Ark, the game features tactical RPG combat and in-depth character customisation. You'll also have to worry about scavenging enough food and supplies to survive a hostile environment with dynamic, extreme weather conditions.

Kickstarter Roundup - Nov 2013

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Pixels and Spaceships and Bears Oh My!

Kickstarter for tactical RPG InSomnia cancelled by Studio MONO

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New York-based Studio MONO has pulled the plug on their Kickstarter campaign for tactical co-operative RPG InSomnia, which would have run until December 26th for a total of 50 days. They asked for $70,000.

The studio would to make it clear that "this isn't the end of InSomnia," but rather a regrouping to return to Kickstarter "again in a few months stronger and wiser." InSomnia not an MMORPG.

InSomnia hits Kickstarter, looking to raise $70K

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InSomnia was unveiled two weeks ago, and now indie developer Studio MONO has launched the dieselpunk RPG on Kickstarter. The game is looking to raise $70K in 60 days.

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