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Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne Summary

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There's A Chance We'll Never Know The True Story Of Max Payne

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The more you think about it, the more you can argue that Max Payne - and quite a few other action games - are greatly exaggerated stream of events. But in the direct case of Max Payne, there's a strong chance that it was Max himself doing the exaggeration.

Remedy Entertainment Hopes To Retain Its IP Licenses By Entering The Finnish Stock Market

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With Remedy's co-founder and face of Max Payne - Sam Lake - appearing at all sorts of media events over the last month, it stands to reason he and his company wish to expand their grasp on the industry. And if a proposed IPO goes as planned, Remedy Entertainment will be well on their way to that goal.

Grand Theft Auto franchise ships over 114m, GTA IV now at 22m

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Take-Two head Strauss Zelnick revealed that overall the Grand Theft Auto franchise has shipped a huge 114 million copies to retailers during its lifetime.

Grand Theft Auto IV has cleared 22 million of that grand total. CEO Zelnick also gave away some other key title numbers, although L.A. Noire is missing.

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