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Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech and MechWarrior Online in danger from Robotech lawsuit

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Harmony Gold, the owners of Japanese anime series Robotech, have filed a lawsuit against both Harebrained Schemes and Piranha Games for copyright infringement.

Piranha Games is hosting a $100K MechWarrior tournament in 2016

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MechWarrior Online recently officially launched on Steam after a few years on the market. The game features a ton of strategy, from the in-game mix of mechs and playstyles to the out-of-game purchase, customization, and upkeep of owned mechs. Now it would appear that top players are going to get to showcase their skills. Piranha has announced a 2016 world tournament with a hefty prize pot.

Mechwarrior Online landing on Steam on December 10

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Pirahna Games has announced that the studio's free-to-play giant robot battle game MechWarrior Online will be hitting Steam this year on 10 December 2015.

European server expansion for MechWarrior Online reduces lag by up to 75%, according to developer

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Piranha Games has completed a global server expansion for MechWarrior Online, claiming that lag for players "has been reduced in some areas by more than 75% with the average ping time reduced by 50%." Baically, if you're outside North America, playing the game should be a little less head-bangingly frustrating now.

New servers in the Oceania region will go up next month, so if you're from that corner of the world you've still got a little bit longer to wait. The game's inching towards a level playing field, though, which is good news.

MechWarrior announces clan Mechs for pre-order

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Fans can now also purchase one of several offered packages in return for XP bumps, limited edition forum badges and their own choice of Mech.

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