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The GOG Winter Sale Kicks Off Today - A Free Copy of Neverwinter Nights Awaits

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While some would wait until the official arrival of Winter to bring in the obligatory sale, the rest of us would rather just name and blame a season for the current weather conditions. So when your car door is frozen shut in the morning, it's time to expect those Winter savings, and GOG is the first to jump at the opportunity. celebrates Valentines with free Dungeon Keeper, up to 90% off games

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Feel your heart swell this Valentine's Day by surrounding it with gold, as impish minions carve out the very earth around it. is running a special lovery dovey sale this weekend with up to 90% off games.

They're giving Bullfrog's classic Dungeon Keeper away for free - the only actual free-to-play one in existence. They'll be running a promotion all weekend for games built for two. offering classic D&D bundle with sliding scale of savings

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Good Old Games ( is offering an adjustable bundle sale of AD&D titles of up to 10 games including the classic Planescape: Torment and the Baldur's Gate titles.

The sale will allow gamers to include as few as one game or as many as all 10 in the bundle. The number of games determines the amount saved: 40% off a single game through to 75% off if all 10 are in the bundle.

The hacking epidemic strikes Neverwinter Nights

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The latest victim in the hacking epidemic has struck Bioware this time, with the accounts of 18,000 users of the Neverwinter Nights forum being invaded. According to the developer, account names, email addresses, passwords, country and birth dates "may have been exposed". Fortunately, no credit card details were exposed and Bioware reassured users "we have never collected social security numbers."

Cryptic must "dramatically" improve

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Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios is helming a Neverwinter project, it's a D&D co-op game that features "no offline play" whatsoever.

It needs to be of the "highest possible quality" and Cryptic admit they "had to improve" everything. In their MMOs "nothing was polished."

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