Oriental Empires Latest News

4X strategy Oriental Empires Gets Map Editor, Begins Roll-Out of User Content

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A map editor is just the first step in mod support for this "Total War meets Civilization" China strategy title.

4X strategy Oriental Empires release date set for September 14th

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Turn-based strategy set in Ancient China will leave Steam Early Access in a month's time.

New Update For Oriental Empires Launched

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Publisher Iceberg Interactive has released a major update today to the new 4x turn-based strategy title Oriental Empires

Oriental Empires is a new 4X title letting you conquer historical Asia

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Sure, Civilization launched the 4X genre by letting simulate the whole of human history, but there’s nothing stopping us from exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating in a more narrow field of the past. Oriental Empires, published by Iceberg Interactive, will do just that by challenging players to conquer historical China.

4X Strategy Oriental Empires coming to Steam Early Access in Q1 2016

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Iceberg Interactive are working on a 4x turn-based strategy game called Oriental Empires, which will be released on Steam's Early Access in Q1 2016.

Starting from the dawn of Chinese history, in Oriental Empires you will create large cities, command huge armies, advance your technology with research and use culture and religion to benefit your civilizations.