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Resident Evil 7 - Banned Footage Vol.1 & Vol. 2 Thoughts And Verdict

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Post-game Resident Evil has always been about the game-breaking unlocks and arcade-style mini-games. But how does Resident Evil 7 fair in this tough category?

Capcom Releases 3 New Teaser Shots Of Resident Evil 7's 'Not A Hero' DLC

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Not finished playing through Resident Evil 7 just yet? Unless you're looking to have the story ruined for you, it's best you turn around now. And maybe don't look at Capcom's Twitter page, either.

Resident Evil 7's 3 Million Copies Goal Bumps Lifetime Franchise Sales To 76 Million

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After just two weeks on sale, Resident Evil 7 has managed to shift 3 million copies worldwide.

PC Players Won't Have To Wait Too Long For The 'Banned Footage' Resident Evil 7 Add-Ons

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All wrapped up with Resident Evil 7? With its numerous difficulty modes and unlockable extras, there's already a decent amount of game for you to play. But if you're really ready for the next segment, you won't have to wait too long.

HDR And Game Saves Are The Focus Of Resident Evil 7's First Tiny Patch

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If you fired up Steam this morning to get some Resident Evil 7 in before the sun goes down, you probably noticed a stealth update forcing its way down your internet tubes.

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