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RuneScape 3 Summary

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Runescape Takes The Deadman Invitational To The ESL Arena Later This Month

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Maybe it was a game that defined your high-school life, or maybe you only picked it up a little later. Runescape was a fully-fledged MMO running in everyone's standard-issue internet browser that seemed unprecedented at the time. It's still around, and it's becoming a little like an eSport later this month.

The original RuneScape creators celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary by creating a special quest

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RuneScape has been one of those timeless games that will forever be played during ICT lessons at school. Can you believe it’s been fifteen years since the game launched back in 2001? The fact that the game is still running and being supported even now is seriously impressive. The three founders of the original RuneScape – Andrew, Paul and Ian Gower are coming back to the world they created to introduce a brand new quest.

Gower Quest is a free-to-play quest that takes players through cabbage fields and beyond. The press release makes this amazing claim: ”…as they experience a tale that will warm the very cockles of their hearts.” If you guys want your heart’s cockles to be warmed, you are in for a treat!

Chinese mining company in talks to purchase Runescape developer

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If you follow the games industry, you hear about a lot of buyouts. Companies buy each other all the time, but typically it’s within the same industry. Game developers buy other game developers. Maybe a big entertainment company acquires a major publisher. But this one is pretty weird.

RuneScape teams face a vat of glitter-slime for charity

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I learned a new word today! As an American, I would refer to it as slime, but honestly gunge is an even more descriptive and disgusting word. Why am I discussing viscous nastiness? Why, for charity, of course!

Runescape increasing subscription costs in early 2015 for new members

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MMO RuneScape will be charging more for subscriptions soon for new members, while those already subscribed will stick with their current billing, unless you stop paying for more than 14 days.

Developer Jagex Games is offering a Premier Club from December 1st which offers to "lock in" membership as well as a "massive pack of rewards". The price rise is in Q1 2015.

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