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Focus Interactive publishing Spintires: Mudrunner this October, the ultimate version of the crowdfunded off-road driving game

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Mudrunner is the "ultimate edition" of off-road Soviet driving game Spintires. Reveal trailer inside.

Spintires saga gets weirder, developer and publisher both deny claims of sabotage, and crashes have been fixed

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What a weird, wild story this has been. We reported that that the developer, Pavel Zagrebelnyj, was accused of deliberately creating game-crashing ”time bombs” in retaliation for a lack of payment from his publisher, Oovee. Now it sounds like that’s not the case.

Report: SpinTires developer sabotaged his own game

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A controversy is starting to brew as it seems publisher Oovee is accusing SpinTires developer Pavel Zagrebelnyj of sabotaging his own racing simulation game with "time bombs" and other deliberate bugs.

Development resumes on Spintires after troubled period, publisher Oovee promises to improve communication

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In December last year trouble flared up between Spintires creator Pavel Zagrebelnyj and the game's UK publisher Oovee, with Zagrebelnyj accusing the company of taking the money earned from initial sales and running, preventing continued development.

Fortunately it seems like the off-road trucker sim might be back on track at last. In a recent website post Oovee admits that it's not done the best job in terms of communication, and pledges to improve its handling of the game.

Spintires creator claims publisher Oovee has disappeared, "together with the loot"

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Developer Pavel Zagrebelnyj came up with the strangely addictive off-road sim Spintires, in which you try to make it through the churned-up roads and forests of Russia in a variety of heavy-duty vehicles. It had beautifully done mud physics, and a few months back it was something of a cult hit.

Since then, despite being very popular on Steam, the game's never really added a whole lot to that basic 'drive a truck through some mud' formula. Now Zagrebelnyj is accusing the UK publisher Oovee of taking the money and running, and preventing him from continuing development on the game.

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