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The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Is Now Free - That's All DLC For 100% Off

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If your Star Wars Battlefront 2 hype has reached fever pitch, you can settle the cravings with all-you-can-eat Star Wars Battlefront.

Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 lives in new mod, now in Open Beta 3

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The Battlefront III Legacy Mod for Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront II recreates everything from the cancelled game using leaked assets.

Star Wars: Battlefront II devs talk Single-Player Campaign, DLC Plans and The Last Jedi

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DLC will be free themed Seasons, with the first due immediately after release based on The Last Jedi.

Operation Raccoon City dev had new Resident Evil title canned due to Star Wars Battlefront leaks

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Star Wars Battlefront 3 assets left on Raccoon City disc meant that Slant Six were pulled off their unrevealed second Resident Evil title.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes, Campaign, Multiplayer - Everything We Know So Far

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Most likely rushing the game to meet with the hype of the Winter silver-screen blockbuster, EA heard the criticisms. While we're yet to get our hands on Star Wars Battlefront 2 until the Winter months role around once more, what we're seen - and heard - appear promising. So let's get a run-down of what's to come.

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