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Star Wars: Battlefront Summary


Star Wars: Battlefront Review

Wars not make one great!

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes, Campaign, Multiplayer - Everything We Know So Far

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Most likely rushing the game to meet with the hype of the Winter silver-screen blockbuster, EA heard the criticisms. While we're yet to get our hands on Star Wars Battlefront 2 until the Winter months role around once more, what we're seen - and heard - appear promising. So let's get a run-down of what's to come.

Watch The Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Here Before It's Deleted From Existance

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With the rate at which we're suddenly getting Star Wars movies, it's no surprise to see developers working hard to cover the video game aspect of things.

StarWars Battlefront II Is Set To Be Official Unveiled On April 15

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While EA certainly have no plans to usher in a new age of Battlefield so soon after the success of Battlefield 1, they're definitely hoping to send others up into space. Star Wars Battlefront II is set to be revealed at its own upcoming event.

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire Debuts With The Newest Star Wars Humble Bundle

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Is there a time when Humble Bundle isn't offering a lot for a little price? Not lately. Their latest stint is a large-scale Star Wars bundle that even includes the new release of an old classic.

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets A January Update

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You've been gunning down the Empire for well over a year now, and just landed on the beaches of Scarif. With the deals EA have been putting on Star Wars: Battlefront, you'd think it was dead. Not so! Here's the January update.

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