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It's got samurai space bears in it..

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StarDrive 2 gets major 1.2 update today

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Iceberg Interactive has announced that StarDrive 2 is getting the major 1.2 update today, which will upgrade the game engine to Unity 5, as well as increase the combat performance, add major AI improvements, fixes and new additions.

First downloadable content pack announced for StarDrive 2

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Portland, OR-based indie developer Zero Sum Games has announced the first downloadable content pack for their 4x space strategy game StarDrive 2.

StarDrive 2's Imperial Might update gives the AI even more ways to destroy you

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Zero Sum Games has released version 1.1 of its charming little space strategy game StarDrive 2, titled Imperial Might. There are a lot of different fixes and tweaks, but the main changes come to the game's ship construction and military systems.

AI enemies now have more than 1,500 "bad-♥♥♥ ship designs" tp choose from, and their ship-building routines have been tweaked for a greater challenge in the late game stages of a campaign.

Space 4X StarDrive 2 launches today on Steam, combines turn-based and real-time

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Indie Zero Sum Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive today bring us galactic conquest with StarDrive 2, a space 4X mixing turn-based and real-time battles.

Built using the Unity engine, StarDrive 2 features ship customisation, nine alien races, real-time space combat, turn-based empire management and ground combat, and "hundreds of technologies" to research.

Space 4X sequel StarDrive 2 set for release on April 9

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Zero Sum Games announced today that StarDrive 2, sequel to the 2013 space 4X, is now feature complete, and is off for a round of QA and bug fixing before its April 9 release.

The developers and publisher Iceberg Interactive will be taking StarDrive 2 to GDC this March, so we'll be able to get an extended look at the game very soon.

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