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Stellaris Has a New Director as Martin Anward Moves to a "secret" Paradox Project

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Daniel Moregård, former Stellaris Game Designer, has taken over in Anward's stead.

Stellaris: MegaCorp Gets A December Release Date

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Stellaris: MegaCorp is an economy-focused expansion that will launch alongside the free 2.2 Le Guin update.

Stellaris Unveils Industrious New MegaCorp Expansion

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The latest major expansion for the famous 4X is going to focus on the economy, allowing players to become CEOs of galaxy-spanning corporate empires.

Paradox 4X Strategy Games Getting New Engine, Allowing Better Mod Support

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The new engine sounds like good news all around, and will bring lots of streamlining when it comes to actually developing 4X games for Paradox.

Paradox Interim Report: Two Cancelled Projects, Good Revenue Numbers

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Paradox have just published their financial report for the period from January to June 2018, and things are definitely looking good for them. Here's a short summary.

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