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The grand strategy game the universe has been waiting for.

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Build Your Own Dreadnought In The Next Stellaris Update - 1.6 Adams

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Games and their developers seems to be in a never ending power struggle. When one update goes live, the team is already hard at work on the next. There's always a bug ready to be squashed, and it's the main focus of the next Stellaris patch - Stellaris 1.6 'Adams'.

Paradox Interactive Invites Minecraft And Planet Coaster Developers To Talk Creative Games At PDXCON 2017

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The world is one vast, open playground. It is in real-life, and that fact only becomes more drastically true as we look at today's gaming culture. Constantly spoiled by these open spaces with developers constantly trying to build one larger than the last, it's time to look back at what makes these sandbox environments so gripping. And four of the leading development teams will be doing just that at PDXCON 2017 next month.

Stellaris 1.5 Patch Notes Have Landed - And They're Too Big For A Single Post

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Last week saw Paradox Interactive offer up the first details of the Stellaris 1.5 update - or 'Banks', as they like to call it. Following up with their light teasing, it's time for the full list of changes now that the update has gone live. And it's a big one!

Stellaris Utopia Comes With A Free 1.5 'Banks' Update For All Bringing Altered Maps And More Diverse Ship Colourings

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Cast your mind back to the Stellaris Utopia launch and you'll likely have far more questions that you first realised. The trailer barely showed a thing, yet the developer diaries that have surfaced since have looks quite different to the current Stellaris title.

Paradox Will Give Streamers A 5% Cut Of Sales If Their Twitch Content Drives Player Purchases

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Embracing Twitch streaming almost immediately, Paradox Interactive are now actively partnering with the service to offer something back to its loyal streamers.

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