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Strange Brigade DLC Expansion 'Isle of the Dead' Gets Surprise Release

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The first major DLC expansion for Strange Brigade 'Isle of the Dead', along with brand new character Tessie Caldwell, are both out now.

Free Strange Brigade DLC Out Today Adds 3 New Maps

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Strange Brigade's monthly free DLC pack is now out! Read up on what it relates to.

Strange Brigade Characters: A Guide To All The Strange Brigade Characters

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Who are the Strange Brigade? We'll let you know, in our special Strange Brigade characters guide. Including the DLC characters, and even the villainous Seteki!

Strange Brigade's First Major Content Update Includes a Genuine Cowboy

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You were hoping for a playable mummy, though, weren't you?

Strange Brigade Easter Eggs: Strange Brigade Indiana Jones Easter Egg Explained

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How to find the Strange Brigade Indiana Jones Easter Egg reference and when it occurs!

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