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The sequel to Chris Taylor's Supreme Commander is here, but does it live up to its precursor?

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Supreme Commander's Chris Taylor Needed Clay To Spur Him Back Into RTS Development

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Chris Taylor used to have it all - in game developer terms, at least; a studio, three projects in the works and money coming through the door. 15 years later, it all vanished. What did he find the aftermath? Clay.

Chris Taylor's 'inner nerd' is "alive and well" for Total Annihilation

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Total Annihilation creator Chris Taylor and his studio Gas Powered Games is now owned by World of Tanks developer Wargaming, and so is the infinite war machine that is Total Annihilation.

"I don't even need to be coy", jokes Taylor. He admitted his 'inner nerd' "died a little bit" when releasing Supreme Commander 2, but it's "alive and well" for the future...

Gas Powered Games "doing something great," but it's "too early to talk about"

article image now owns Gas Powered Games, and boss Victor Kislyi teases that Chris Taylor and his studio in Seattle are "doing something great," but wouldn't reveal anything about the project.

The Supreme Commander studio was rescued from bankruptcy after an ambitious Wild Man Kickstarter campaign failed to achieve success. He added it is "going to eclipse everything".

Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games acquired by World of Tanks'

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In a surprise flanking manoeuvre, has blitzkrieg'd its way into the offices of Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games. They've bought the studio! The Supreme Commander developer is safe.

Taylor lauded Wargaming for being one of the "fastest growing" games companies today, and GPG's "experience and expertise" will help grow Wargaming's warchest of, err, war.

Gas Powered Games with 'Project W' teaser site, counting down 26 days

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Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has gone live with a teaser site for something known as 'Project W', and they ask are you "ready for something wild?" It's got a countdown ticking away.

Some announcement or other is heading our way in 26 day's time, which would be January 14th. The only thing that's been on at GPG is Kings and Castles, which stalled in 2011. What's going on?

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