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The Division 2 Mike-01 Error Code

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If you're having trouble with the infamous Division 2 mike 01 error code, here's all we've got on it.

The Division 2 Patch Notes - March 22nd Hotfix

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The Division 2's March 22nd hotfix improves low-level survivability in COOP and fixes clan XP problem, among other things.

The Division 2 ECHO-07 Error Code - What is It and How to Fix It?

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Ubisoft's latest and greatest requires a solid Internet connection for all of its functionality, and this means that, if yours is spotty, you'll be seeing some errors. Here, you'll find out what is ECHO-07 and how to fix it, as well as some info on ECHO-01.

The Division 2 World Tier 5 Release Date - When is it Coming?

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The latest looter-shooter on the market, Division 2, is still waiting on the release of its maximum difficulty setting. The Division 2 World Tier 5 release date is pending, but here's everything we know so far.

The Division 2 Gear Dyes Locations Guide

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The Division 2 may not be as sleek and sci-fi-ish as its direct competitors are, but that doesn't mean there's no room for customisation here. The Division 2 Gear Dye locations are what you'll be interested in, as these items will allow you to change your gear colours on the go.

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