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Indie horror The Forest updated to Unity 5 in latest patch

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Indie survival horror (by that I mean a horror game in which you literally have to scrabble for food and shelter in order to survive) The Forest has switched over to Unity 5 in its latest update. Basically that should mean a slightly nicer looking experience all round, though if you want more specifics developer Endnight Games has an in-depth post over on the game's Steam forums.

Endnight adds co-op multiplayer to survival horror game The Forest‏

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What better way to enjoy the distinct terrors of hiding in a wood from a tribe of crazed cannibals than with a friend? Developer Endnight has added a two-player cooperative mode to horror survival game The Forest.

It comes in Version 0.09 of the game, which also fixes a couple of bugs and slows down the tennis ball throw so you can play catch on the beach with a friend. Seriously.

First big update for indie horror The Forest adds... sharks

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Developer Endnight Games Ltd has listed all the new content and fixes added in its first update for Early Access horror title The Forest.

The biggest surprise? Well, hiding from deranged mutant cannibals by jumping into the ocean just became a really bad idea, thanks to The Forest's newly added sharks. All they need to add now is giant spiders to make this my official nightmare game.

Indie horror title The Forest released via Steam Early Access today

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Endnight Games has announced that its survival horror title The Forest's public alpha will be released via Steam Early Access today at 9AM PDT/4PM GMT.

The game casts you as the lone survivor of a plane crash battling a bizarre tribe of mutant cannibals in a mysterious forest.

Early Access for indie horror The Forest pushed back a week to May 30

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Open-world cannibal mutant-avoiding simulator The Forest was originally intended to launch on Steam Early Access tomorrow, but some sort of paranormal phenomenon has caused developer Endnight Games to push that date back a week to May 30.

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