The Sinking City Summary

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The Sinking City Takes its Artistic Vision Very Seriously

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In their latest dev diary, Frogwares explain some of the reasoning behind the presentation of The Sinking City, and what sort of messages they are hoping to convey.

The Sinking City – Slithery New Trailer Is Now Out

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Frogwares have released an eerie new trailer for their lovecraftian open-world horror title. Watch it here, if you're not particularly queasy!

The Sinking City Teaser Trailer Released - More At E3 2018

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Frogwares Games has revealed a teaser trailer for The Sinking City, which is expected to be released sometime this year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Sinking City Developers Share Details

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Lovecraftian detective game The Sinking City's developers share some insight into what the gameplay of the game will be like, and what to expect from the lore.

The Sinking City Blends 20s American Urbanism With The Supernatural

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Here are details about the creative process and inspirations of the Lovecraftian open world adventure game.

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